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The Highest Standards We Need to Meet are Our Own

At Takeda, Quality has always been a priority for us, throughout our long history. Today, what we do in Global Quality touches every part of our diverse organization. It’s reflected in our end-to-end Quality Management System that encompasses R&D, Manufacturing & Distribution, Commercial, Vaccines and our BioLife Plasma Collection network. When you’re a part of our team, you'll do meaningful work that makes an impact on the lives of patients. Learn more about us and explore the opportunities to build a remarkable career.

About Global Quality

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Commitment To Safety

We know that everything we do contributes to helping patients. Our work is important, and we take pride in doing it right, always. Our team continually emphasizes consistency and excellence in our decisions, using Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business — in that order — as our guide. We use best practices for research, development and safety evaluation throughout the entire product life cycle. This focus, along with our ability to collaborate effectively, enables Takeda to develop innovative, safe and effective medicines.

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Industry Connections

With our systems, processes and products, we aim to operate in the most advanced, most effective ways possible. To stay ahead of a fast-paced industry, we’ve built strong relationships with a wide variety of regulatory bodies and other industry groups. Our connections with trade groups like the Parenteral Drug Association, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Leadership Forum and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America enable us to influence and improve our practices while enhancing our reputation.

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Sustainability and the Planet

Our teams in Global Quality and Global Manufacturing & Supply are the driving force in helping to minimize the environmental impact from the production and supply of our products and services. Our employees are leading efforts on everything from developing more sustainable product packaging to identifying water conservation strategies. We seek ideas from every level of our organization and help make those ideas a reality as we work collectively toward our sustainability goals.

Key locations

With manufacturing plants and offices worldwide, Quality team members can grow their careers and gain broad global experience.


  • R&D Quality
  • Product Quality and Surveillance
  • Quality Compliance and Enterprise Systems
  • Quality Strategy and Business Operations
  • Global Pathogen Safety
  • Commercial Quality
  • Supervisor General Japan

Operating Units:  

  • Vaccines
  • BioLife
  • Biologics
  • Plasma
  • Oncology and Small Molecule External Supply
  • Small Molecules
  • Japan Region

Business Partners:  

With manufacturing and offices worldwide, GQ team members can grow their careers and gain broad global experience.

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