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Julien's Story

As we pursue our purpose to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, we know that every member of our team has their journey. Learn more about Julien and his career journey.

In 2023, I embarked on a new journey – fatherhood. With Takeda’s offering of 16 weeks of paternity leave, I had the privilege of enjoying a whole new experience.

Julien Janda

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Hi, I am Julien Janda, head of process & technology in Global Manufacturing Supply - Global Engineering and I’ve been at Takeda for 6 years.

What has your career journey with Takeda been so far? Please describe in a few words.

I joined Global Engineering in 2018 as the global lead technology engineer focused on helping Takeda set the best-in-class technical capabilities and enable our worldwide engineering teams by connecting our process and equipment engineers at all manufacturing sites in so-called 'communities of practice'.

We shared best practices, challenged each other, and learned and ultimately built business processes and technical standards to help sites improve equipment design, efficiency, and reliability.

After Global Engineering was restructured, I got the head of process & technology role where I was able to combine process & plant engineering and technology innovation in one strong team of technology leaders.

What about your role do you find the most rewarding?

I find it most rewarding to work with experts from different functional areas across the globe on shared and specific challenges. Besides that, I find it intellectually rewarding to work on cutting-edge technology daily, in the real world, or in other words, the real manufacturing environment.

I pride myself on having built a high-performing and agile team and continuously enabling a fantastic team of technology leaders to provide solutions to our Manufacturing, Quality, and Engineering network, and ultimately, our patients.

My role has a diversity of tasks and a broad scope that is very energizing to me. Also, externally, Takeda and our team are well-recognized as experts and leaders in many technological areas like robotics, 3D printing, and automated visual inspection, and I enjoy positioning Takeda as a leading company.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

It’s hard to say what my biggest achievement has been so far since I have led many global programs and initiatives with significant impact on Takeda and our patients.

The most recent achievement was successfully leading a Global Manufacturing Supply and Global Quality 'must-win', namely for automated visual inspection (AVI).

As a team of local and global members, we were able to accelerate the implementation of AVI systems in our network for very challenging to inspect products, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and methods, and preparing the manufacturing sites from a technology and business perspective for the future.

This means that with the equipment designs, we enable the addition of AI tools (artificial intelligence) in the future, once we validate our process at each target manufacturing site.  

I pride myself in having built a high-performing and agile team and continuously enabling a fantastic team of technology leaders to provide solutions to our Manufacturing, Quality, and Engineering network and, ultimately, our patients.

Julien Janda

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Who has helped you in your career and how?

I genuinely believe we all receive plenty of help daily. Sometimes, it is more prominent; often, it is more subtle advice and actions. There have been many supporters over the years, and considering my current environment, I have to point out my team and my current manager.

My team because they are super motivated, and no matter what topic I am addressing, I can always rely on transparent feedback. That feedback and knowing a strong team is behind me helps me grow as a leader and individual.

My manager because I can count on them for support in success and failure. We are working at the forefront of technology at a fast pace and with high workloads, and often, we must go on new paths and try new ways of doing things to be successful. But success is never guaranteed. It is crucial to me to know that breaking conventional thinking patterns is encouraged.

Takeda has helped me in my career. For example, in 2021, I completed my executive MBA studies, where I strengthened my knowledge and skills in digitalization and modern leadership styles, which are relevant to my current role. With backing from leadership, I could participate in the courses while working full-time at Takeda, which made me feel supported.

Just last year, I embarked on a new journey – fatherhood. With Takeda’s offering of 16 weeks of paternity leave, I had the privilege of enjoying a whole new experience.

I started my paternity leave when our son and first child, Louis, turned 6 months old. While my wife returned to work, I stayed home for 14 consecutive weeks with our newborn son. This left me to care for our child, which was challenging but emotionally rewarding.

I feel privileged and grateful to Takeda for offering such an opportunity, which is a rarity in Switzerland (by law, fathers are eligible for 2 weeks).

When others ask, how do you describe what it’s like to work for Takeda?

From the perspective of my role, with its complexities and challenges, I rely on cooperation across multiple functions. I can always count on strong corporate values and a collaborative environment enabling information and idea sharing.

Besides, working at the Zurich office, I interact with many colleagues beyond my business unit and can verify that our values go beyond the day-to-day work. Patients are, for Takeda, undoubtedly a focus, but Takeda cares about its people, too.

I experience this in the form of lifelong learning opportunities and being able to combine my career aspirations with my personal goals.

How do you balance your personal interests and obligations outside of work? Do you have some tips to share with others on improving work-life balance?

Despite appreciating the global and dynamic environment I work in, I also enjoy my time outside of work. In my private time, I cherish everything I have in life, try to give back and restore or maintain high energy and focus of mind.

As expected, having a baby son did add more challenges to managing my time. My key learning is setting priorities much more rigorously than I used to. For example, I had to cut short on coaching sports as I used to and spend more time outdoors with my family, which is a lovely combination of exercise, family quality time, and time to reflect.

My three tips:

  • Enjoy everything you do, every second of it.
  • Focus on the important with discipline.
  • Rest, relax, reflect.

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