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Takeda Quality Careers Offer Complete Learning Opportunities

In the manufacturing process of our products, employees who work within Quality play a pivotal role. After all, they determine whether a product manufactured at Takeda is deemed safe for use.

Naturally, a job like this requires the confidence to make the right decisions at the right time. However, as Dindi Whitmore, Quality Assurance Supervisor, can attest — no one faces this challenge alone.

A quote that says It's great to have a team that you can go to and ask them, based on their experiences and their points of view, to see how you might want to move forward.

Having worked at Takeda for over 10 years, Dindi has had exposure to the many different departments that contribute to the product manufacturing process. With that exposure comes additional experience, perspective and knowledge that continue informing her day-to-day decisions.

Learning more about her co-workers’ backgrounds and cultural perspectives through our Takeda Resource Groups (TRGs), also opened new avenues for personal growth that Dindi, otherwise, may not have had.

A quote that says I've had the opportunity to learn about different cultures and different celebrations as well as different struggles that people might have.

Through the TRGs, she’s built a stronger network that fully supports her career growth and ability to accomplish more within Takeda.

In everything our Quality teams accomplish, we take pride in knowing we do it right, always, to help patients. And in every successful project, we take time to recognize those who deliver the results necessary to make that success possible. Join the Takeda Quality team and take control of your personal and professional growth with a future-forward company that provides the work-life balance you need. Start your next challenge. Search our open jobs today.

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