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Giulia's Story

As we pursue our purpose to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, we know that every member of our team has their journey. Learn more about Giulia and her career journey.

Thanks to the TRGs' EnAbles activities, of which I am a leader, I can contribute to a more accessible work environment that is inclusive for the differently abled, and is aligned with the Takeda values of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and common vision.

Giulia Conte

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My name is Giulia Conte and I have been working at the Takeda Rieti Plant for one year and two months in the Quality Systems Department.

What has been your career history at Takeda? If you have transitioned into new career fields, how did Takeda encourage and enable you to make that transition?

I joined Takeda as Quality Systems Support, working in the Change Requests department, and for the previous few months, I have been supporting the Documentation Department.

My role is a small but significant part of a larger team, and it is a hybrid role, providing the opportunity to work in different areas of the organization. Takeda encouraged and supported this transition to help me learn how different departments function and develop my soft skills further. It is a great opportunity to enrich my work experience and fulfill my career goals.

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What about your role do you find most rewarding?

The first and most rewarding thing about my role is that my daily work contributes to Takeda's purpose of improving patients' health.

In addition, thanks to the Takeda Resource Groups (TRGs) EnAbles activities, of which I am a leader, I can also contribute to a work environment that is more accessible and inclusive for the differently abled, aligned with the Takeda values of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and its common vision.

What has been your greatest success to date?

My greatest success (or rather my greatest satisfaction) was that I was able to get a permanent contract after only one year at Takeda and with no previous work experience.

My satisfaction is a result of the acquisition of new professional skills, personal growth, and as a person, what I was able to give to the company and also receive from it.

My satisfaction is fulfilled with the acquisition of new professional skills, personal growth, and as a person, what I am able to give to the company and also receive from it.

Giulia Conte

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To what extent has mentoring played a role in your career at Takeda? Has anyone helped you along your career path?

In my career journey, everyone has been important, including the Head of Quality Systems, the Department Lead, and the colleagues of my team, not excluding all the colleagues I have worked with in other departments.

They have been relevant to my career for all they have taught me, for their patience and understanding, the trust they have shown so far, and continue to show even now.

When others ask you, how do you describe what it is like to work for Takeda? How do you balance your personal interests and commitments outside of work? Any tips?

Working for Takeda is a privilege because now that it represents my first work experience, it is a wellspring of opportunities to learn and grow from primarily a professional perspective, as well as a personal perspective.

I balance my personal commitments and interests with work, optimizing my free time as much as possible with organization and flexibility.

Balancing work and personal life, in my opinion, requires a minimum of will and planning, but above all, the awareness of always being the priority of oneself and giving extreme importance to psychophysical balance and personal well-being.

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Italy DE&I Event - (Dis)Able Me Too For a Day

As a part of our ever-growing commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the TRGs EnABLES group of Rieti-Pisa in Italy organized an awareness event called "(Dis)Able me too for a day".

Led by Giulia Conte (Quality System Support), the event focused on raising awareness of the issues faced with disability and inclusion in organizations.

This intense day, full of emotions, brought together an incredible 150 participants who were divided into 3 groups and engaged in 3 separate activities: 

  • Motor Simulation: 3 pre-established routes that participants could follow in a wheelchair.
  • Visual Simulation: An interactive group lesson with practical daily life activities. 
  • Auditory Simulation: An interactive session with practical sign language activities.

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