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Tito's Story

As we pursue our purpose to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, we know that every member of our team has their journey. Learn more about Julio (known to all of us as Tito!) and his path at Takeda.

Before finishing high school, Tito knew he wanted to join the Marines. His family had no military experience and his parents were, understandably, a little nervous. But they supported him all the same.

Tito with his family
I was 17 at the time, so to do it my parents needed to sign a waiver. From there, I started the process to get ready after graduation.

Tito Montalvo - Supervisor
Marine Veteran, Husband, Father, Sports Fan

After finishing bootcamp and combat training, Tito carried out administrative work at his first station in 29 Palms, California. It wasn’t long before he switched to an infantry unit, where he performed grueling outdoor training, then paperwork immediately after.
We went on hikes with the entire unit and at the end you’d be exhausted. The infantry went home, we went back to work.
Like many veterans, Tito’s time in the marines instilled great patience, discipline and perseverance. Such qualities would be important in any workplace, but for Tito they would prove necessary as life’s greatest challenges lay ahead.


When transitioning from military to civilian life, many veterans often struggle with finding an environment that’s the right fit for them — in the work they accomplish and the culture that responds to that work. Tito had worked with a previous biotech firm for 13 years before joining Takeda. He worked hard, but growth and recognition came slowly.
I can work for as long as I like. But if no one recognizes it, it doesn’t matter.
When Tito started at Takeda, as part of the Massachusetts Biologics Operation, he immediately felt the difference. Not only did he see the rapid growth of his managers, Tito himself was promoted to a new position within three years. His peers acknowledged the work he put in and leadership highlighted his accomplishments. Finally, he could buy a house.


But work isn’t everything. And for Tito, life at home commanded its own set of challenges that, since day one, Takeda leadership provided full flexibility for him to tackle.
Before we started working remotely from COVID, my boss said, 'Hey, if you want to go remote, you're more than welcome to.' That was a big deal to me.
Tito's family at home, reading together on the couch
Tito’s youngest son, Sabriel, was born with a rare gene mutation. As the side-effects became apparent, Tito’s family saw long stays at the hospital and stressful at-home check-ups. At times, heart monitors and feeding tubes were a necessity in his household.
But throughout it all, Sabriel smiles.
My son's bad days are much worse than mine and he smiles every day. If he can smile, I can smile.
Today, things have gotten a little easier. But Takeda leadership still provides Tito flexibility so he can give Sabriel and the rest of his family the attention they need. When he’s not carrying out his duties as Supervisor, Tito tends to a personal garden with Sabriel, plays soccer with Asher — his older son — and shares a love of movies with his wife.


Through his time in the military and raising his family, Tito unlocked a kind of perseverance he never thought was possible. The little things, it seems, don’t bother him like they used to. And thanks to the flexibility he’s received from his leaders, Tito aims to do the same for the members of his team — making sure the workloads are never too much, so they can achieve the best within their careers.
I give it my all because someone making medicine for my son is doing the same thing. It’s a fun job and you’re transforming lives. It doesn’t get better than that.

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