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Eni, holding a string instrument

Eni's Story

As we pursue our purpose to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, we know that every member of our team has their journey. Learn more about Eni and her path at Takeda.

Collage of Eni and her friends

Today, Eni is Head of Change Management for Massachusetts Biologics Operations at Takeda — but that's not how her career started. Eni’s family came from Nigeria. Her father worked as a Computer Scientist and her mother, a Nurse. Growing up, she drew a lot of inspiration from her parents and found a way to combine their professions to make an impact: She became a Biomedical Engineer.

My parents taught me that it’s OK to do whatever you want, but come up with a goal and make a plan. If you speak it, you’re more apt to work towards it.

Eni Adedokun - Head of Change Management
Engineer, Wife, Mentor, Musician, Leader, Dancer

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Early on in her career, Eni quickly realized she wanted to reach beyond just her job requirements. Thanks to the encouragement of her first mentor, she pushed herself to tackle tasks outside of her role. Eni also became involved with Takeda Resource Groups (TRGs) like the Black Leadership Council as well as external organizations such as the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

Participating beyond the scope of what you're supposed to do is something my parents encouraged

Staying involved with TRGs across the company and connecting with peers through activities like employee sports teams quickly expanded Eni’s network. She realized how, unlike some other companies, the leaders at Takeda were always willing to lend a hand and listen to suggestions she had to support the business.

When new people come into Takeda I hear them say, ‘Wow! I spoke with the head of the site. He was so nice and told me to reach out at any time. Was he serious?’ and I say 'Yes, they really do!'

Now, as Head of Change Management, Eni leads the way on how change is communicated, implemented and sustained — as well as how our manufacturing teams respond to that change. "Change" can mean so many things — digital transformation, site changes, and even product movement. In other words, anything that can affect manufacturing impact.

If manufacturing changes a valve, it matters. In our world, that means it might look and act differently. Our teams need to be trained on how to change their process.

In building her career, Eni remained true to what she finds truly motivating: A fascination with people and knowing what they do, and how they do it. Learning how others live life helps inform her so she can make a more positive impact on the world. And the added benefit? She doesn’t feel like she has to hide anything about herself in the workplace.

It’s important for people to find a space where you can bring your whole self. It makes life different, happier and more enjoyable.
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