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Arial view of the Hikari Factory in Takeda Japan

Learn About Takeda in Hikari

The Hikari Factory was first established in 1946 in Hikari City, which faces the Seto Inland Sea in southeast Yamaguchi Prefecture, primarily producing vaccines. Since then, the Hikari Factory has greatly expanded its production lines and built advanced production systems in response to changing medical and patient needs.

It is now a global manufacturing base with technologies for small molecules (drug substance and drug product), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), sterile manufacturing, biologics, injectables and oral solid dosage, and vaccine products.

A Global Manufacturing Leader

Takeda has more than 30 manufacturing sites across Japan, Asia, Europe, and America focused on delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals to millions of patients around the world.

The Hikari Plant belongs to Takeda's Manufacturing division - Global Manufacturing and Supply (GMS). Its advanced technologies and diverse manufacturing capabilities provide crucial support to Takeda's worldwide operations, enabling the company to stay ahead of the global competition and produce a wide range of superior quality products.

The site has state-of-the-art advanced production systems that manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients, solid formulations, biological formulations, injectables, and vaccines, and has a strong presence in Takeda's global manufacturing efforts.

Hikari has an effective system that is capable of supplying high-quality products, which include clean/sterile environments managed at a high level, a highly systemized manufacturing process, and the quality control and testing measures are even more rigorous than industry standards. From creating active pharmaceutical ingredients to packaging and delivery, the entire process is managed at the Hikari Site, to supply drugs to countries all over the world.

A robot arm moving boxes onto a belt
A box on an automated conveyor belt being scanned with technology
An automated machine lifting and moving equipment around a factory

Outstanding Pharmaceuticals - State-of-The-Art Factories

The Hikari Site includes an advanced factory dedicated to producing oral solid formulations while maintaining a flexible and eco-friendly environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve high-mix mass production on a 24-hour basis.

We employ a range of techniques, including weighing raw materials, granulating and mixing, tableting, film coating, inspection, and printing for identification. Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art warehouse, equipped with automatic transport, situated in the center of the building, sandwiched between the process rooms.

To ensure maximum safety, we have implemented a clean corridor for workers that encircles the periphery and provides complete separation between people and goods. Shortening the transportation time of intermediate products moving between process rooms ensures the safety of workers and prevents cross-contamination between products.

We deliver high-quality, low-cost treatments to patients promptly, and by adopting the latest technology, we aim to create environmentally friendly products without waste, to achieve Better Health for people and a Brighter Future for the world.

"The Hikari Factory, surrounded by lush greenery, not only looks good, but its facilities are clean and eco-friendly, reducing the impact on air and water quality."

Hikari Employee Experience

Hikari City is home to 52,000 people and is blessed with beautiful and rich natural scenery and a mild climate. Enjoy nature at Setonaikai National Park, beautiful coastal scenery, and Nijigahama Beach. Developed mainly by major Japanese steel and pharmaceutical companies, the city has two public hospitals, public facilities such as public halls and schools, and shopping malls, making it a livable city in harmony with nature.

The Hikari Factory is a core manufacturing base with advanced equipment and technology that offers a variety of career paths that allow you to make full use of your experience and grow professionally.

There has never been a more important time to consider the impact of our work on the health and well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Working at a top-tier manufacturing facility like Hikari provides the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the future.

Diverse Career Paths

At Hikari, there are various career paths you can choose across multiple departments, with a variety of work styles, and opportunities to gain experience to enhance expertise and deepen knowledge of the entire business. We provide the training and development programs necessary for each individual to build a fulfilling career and provide a place where you can shine as a member of a global team.

At Hikari, there are many career paths for you to explore. Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise in a particular field or gain a deeper understanding of multiple departments, our comprehensive training and development programs are designed to help you build a fulfilling career and reach your full potential. Join our team and exceed your potential.

From the Employees

Creating active ingredients and drug substance of medicines

"A drug substance is a chemical component among pharmaceutical ingredients that exhibits the intended effect and is called the active ingredient of the drug, which is the “effect of the drug”. Manufacturing takes a lot of time and has many processes with very strict quality control performed at each stage. Every day, I am on the frontline, imagining how the finished active pharmaceutical ingredients will be transformed into tablets and injections that will be useful in the treatment of many patients."

Making medicines to prevent disease

"Vaccines are medicines that prevent diseases such as measles, rubella, mumps, and influenza. Initially, the Hikari Factory was opened as a vaccine factory - now equipped with state-of-the-art robotics, it is a speedy and safe vaccine manufacturing plant."
"In accordance with Japan's Pandemic Influenza Countermeasures Policy, we have established a system that can supply influenza vaccines for about 25% of the population in half a year. We work diligently every day so that we can fulfill our responsibilities as a factory that can respond to emergencies."

Delivering pharmaceuticals that can be used with peace of mind

"Pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control are subject to national standards, but Takeda has even stricter standards. In addition to raw materials and packaging materials, sampling inspections are repeated at each manufacturing process, and all finished products are subjected to quality tests from various angles."
"I always approach my work with the thought that I am making pharmaceuticals for my family. In addition, the Hikari Factory is a factory surrounded by lush greenery, and not only does it look good, but the facilities are also lean and eco-friendly, reducing the impact on air and water quality."

Some Highlights of Our Benefits

  • Allowances: Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work, etc.
  • Salary Increase: Annually
  • Bonus Payment: Twice a year
  • Working Hours: Headquarters (Osaka/ Tokyo) 9:00-17:30, Production Sites (Osaka/Yamaguchi) 8:00-16:45, (Narita) 8:30-17:15, Research Site (Kanagawa) 9:00-17:45
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, May Day, Year-End Holidays, etc. (approx. 123 days in a year)
  • Paid Leaves: Annual Paid Leave, Special Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Family Support Leave, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, and Family Nursing Lea
  • Flexible Work Styles: Flextime, Telework
  • Life Planning programs: Retirement, Employee Stock Ownership Program, etc.Healthcare and insurance

Facility of the Year Award 2021

Our Location

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  • 4720 MITSUI AZA TAKEDA Hikari, Japan 743-850

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