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Molly's Story

As we pursue our purpose to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, we know that every member of our team has their journey. Learn more about Molly and her career journey.

I have always described working at Takeda as having the benefits and stability of a larger company, but with the every day feeling of a small company!

Molly Silsby

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Hi, my name is Molly! I am currently working as a software device quality specialist in Lexington, MA following my graduation from Takeda’s Operations Development Program (ODP) and I have been with Takeda for just over two years now!

What was your experience with the Takeda ODP (Operations Development Program) program?

I got my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and spent most of college thinking that I would somehow discover my dream career, only to get to my senior year and still have no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to use my degree to help people and make the world a better place, but beyond that, I was stuck. Takeda and the ODP came to a career fair at my school, and I was instantly drawn to the rotational aspect of the program as well as Takeda’s patient-first values! It seemed like the perfect blend of getting to help people while also getting the chance to try out different roles and see what I like best.

I started my first rotation in reliability engineering in Los Angeles, CA; the opposite side of the US from where I grew up! For my second rotation, I stayed in LA to work as a quality assurance supervisor in the purification building. After spending 2 rotations and 1.5 years in California, I decided I somehow missed the winters (crazy, I know) and wanted to try a rotation in Takeda’s Medical Device side, back in Lexington, MA.

In January 2023, I joined the biologics device quality team for my third and final rotation. In August 2023, I graduated from the ODP and found my post-program placement in Lexington as a software device quality specialist!

How did moving to different locations, meeting new people, and learning diverse skills benefit you?

Graduating college and starting work can be very intimidating, but the program helped ease the transition because of all the support it gave. I never felt I was alone in my role or didn’t know where to look for help! There is also something to learn from everyone at the company! From the interns to the operators to the managers, always be open to hearing what people have to say, you never know what you can discover!

One last important thing I picked up on was never discount the perspective you can bring as an outsider! At the beginning of the program, I would get so hung up on the fact that I didn’t have as much experience or wasn’t hired directly for a role, so I wouldn’t trust myself or my abilities on projects. But the program gives you a well-rounded view of the company, you never know what a unique perspective or a new idea you can add!!

How has the ODP program helped your career journey, and what was your biggest takeaway from the program?

There are so many ways the ODP has helped my career, but overall it gave me confidence in my abilities that I didn’t have right after graduating. Starting over and learning a new job every 9 months can be stressful at times, but each rotation proved that I could pick up on things quickly and make an impact in such a short timeframe!

The program also helped me narrow in on the career I was looking for! I still have no idea where I will be in 10 years, but I know that my path is the right one for me because I got the experience to try out other options!

Also, the ability to gain leadership experience through the program’s committees and workstreams is something I will take with me into my post-program career. I was the communications committee lead during my time in the program and got to experience delegating work for the first time!

Would you recommend the Takeda ODP program to other graduates? If yes, why?

Absolutely! A rotational program will mean that you are constantly changing locations and careers and your day-to-day life, but if that sounds like something that excites you, I could not recommend the ODP enough!

The support from the program helped ease my transition from college to the workforce and has made me feel more well-adjusted and ready to kick-start my career!

As a bonus, I never would have applied for a job in quality out of college because I had no idea what that would have meant, and it has ended up being a career I could see myself growing within for the foreseeable future, so you never know what you might discover about yourself while in the program!

Takeda came to a career fair at my school and I was instantly drawn to the rotational aspect of the program, as well as Takeda’s patient-first values! It seemed like the perfect blend of getting to help people, while also getting the chance to try out different roles and see what I like best.

Molly Silsby

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What about your role do you find the most rewarding?

Throughout my time in the program and even after, the most rewarding part of my role has always been the people! Getting to work with such passionate coworkers who share the same drive to improve the world has been a huge inspiration for me.

But beyond just the people I work with, it's also the people we serve through our products. Knowing that every hour of work I put in will directly improve someone else’s quality of life always keeps me going!

The biggest achievement in my career so far has to be graduating from the ODP and finding a post-program placement! I spent the past two years learning as much as I could to get to this point and apply it to my full-time role!

When others ask, how do you describe what it’s like to work for Takeda? How do you balance your personal interests and obligations outside of work? Any tips?

I have always described working at Takeda as having the benefits and stability of a larger company but with the everyday feeling of a small company!

As far as balancing personal interests, I have been so lucky to have had so many managers who put a high value on taking your time off and developing your life outside of work!

I always remind myself that you are your most productive when you have balance in your life! I know that when I make time for my hobbies (which for me are triathlons, CrossFit, hiking, and baking) and my social life, I can come to work more focused and not burn out!

At the end of the day, we are all humans, not robots!

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