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Ownership: bioreactors and all.

What’s it really like to work here? We spoke to Lea, Process Engineer II, to find out.

With Takeda’s welcoming and diverse culture comprised of great people, Lea found that she’s always growing and sharpening her expertise. She’s fully immersed herself into our inclusive environment and has found success in the engineering workforce, which is commonly perceived as a male-dominated industry.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many female engineers there already were on the team. It's an even playing field.

With an equitable workforce, Lea has found herself at the forefront of playing a key role in helping to professionally mentor employees. She applies her significant experience and extensive knowledge in the process engineering field to help shape her colleagues’ career paths.

“I’ve recently started taking a lead in mentoring and hiring co-ops. I’m really interested in exploring how I can get into more permanent mentorship roles.”

When Lea started at Takeda, she came from a career background in engineering consulting with a design firm and was looking for an organization where she could have more ownership over projects. Here, she’s able to work on and own long-term projects, which ignites her passion. She enjoys how the daily responsibilities of her position are always changing and that no two days are the same on the job.

“There is no good way to describe a day in the life because it changes so often. We’ll do anything from large-scale capital projects with new equipment, to new product introductions with our tech transfer team, to just smaller process improvement projects.”

Another major part of Lea’s daily role is organizing her tasks to ensure our patients come first. Taking a patient-focused approach is deeply rooted in our company values and makes her feel good knowing that she’s contributing to our mission of bringing life-changing medicines to people worldwide.

“How we prioritize everything is what’s going to impact the patient, what’s going to make sure this drug is safe and what’s going to make sure it’s effective – that’s an important thing we do.”

The meaningful work which Lea discusses is one of her favorite parts of the role. She appreciates knowing that her daily responsibilities contribute to our life-changing medicines being manufactured, cleared through the FDA, and making it to the marketplace to bring better health to our patients.

For Lea, being around supportive colleagues in a warm atmosphere has helped her to form a unique career path that she loves.

I feel like I've learned a ton and keep learning a ton. That's my favorite part of this job. I'm always doing something new.

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