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A Story of Purpose, Collaboration and Balance at Takeda

Each of our team members weaves a unique narrative into our rich history. This month, we spotlight Gundula Schneidewind, Head of our GI Business Unit in Germany, whose journey at Takeda reveals a harmonious blend of purpose, collaboration and a balanced life-work alignment. 

"I felt I could bring value to Takeda and be valued at the same time. This initial feeling never changed."

Gundula's tenure with Takeda began in 2013, a year that saw the convergence of opportunity and alignment. Prompted by a headhunter's call, she was initially intrigued. What truly captivated her was the first interview—a profound exploration of strategy, leadership and the intricacies of the healthcare landscape. Takeda's rapid and agile recruitment process, coupled with the team’s genuine engagement conveyed a sense of value and purpose that resonated deeply with Gundula. 

A Return to Familiar Grounds: A Unique Chapter Unfolds

After eight years serving in several interesting roles across Takeda’s functions and regions, Gundula found herself at a crossroads driven by personal and family considerations. She returned to Germany, where she embraced a role at a digital health startup in Berlin. Soon after, however, some changes occurred at Takeda’s office in Germany. A familiar face returned as GM and a reorganization resulted in an enticing opportunity for Gundula—the chance to lead the GI BU with our flagship product. 

"GI had been particularly close to my heart over my years in Takeda," Gundula shares, reminiscing about the success of the team. The prospect of contributing to a team with a unique culture—one focused on collaboration over politics—proved irresistible. 

The Cultural Fabric: Belonging and Collaboration

For Gundula, Takeda's culture stands out for its emphasis on collaboration to achieve a common purpose. "It enables a culture where people can behave naturally instead of playing a role at work," she notes. This collaborative ethos, she explains, extends beyond borders, creating connections with colleagues globally—a network of "soulmates" who align swiftly, finding pragmatic ways forward together.  

Moreover, Gundula believes Takeda's culture grants individuals the autonomy to exceed role boundaries, fostering an environment where fresh perspectives are not only valued but actively encouraged. 

Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business: A Guiding Principle

Delving into Gundula's perspective on Takeda's guiding principles—Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business (PTRB)—she underscores the importance of putting oneself in the shoes of patients. It's about maintaining trustful relationships with healthcare providers, ensuring that actions align with patients' expectations and, ultimately, contributing to the sustainability of the business. 

A Fusion of External and Internal Focus: A Job That Energizes

Gundula finds joy in the unique blend of external and internal focus in her current role. Engaging with healthcare professionals and patients, gaining insights, and translating them into collaborative strategies and solutions with the team forms the heartbeat of her work. The dynamic exchange of ideas in face-to-face interactions, complemented by virtual collaboration, creates a work environment that is both invigorating and fulfilling. 

Life-Work Alignment: Navigating New Realities

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gundula acknowledges the silver lining—the increased flexibility in corporate life. Takeda's initiatives echo this sentiment, with programs that support new and more life-aligned ways of working. The emphasis on mobile working, inclusive parental leave policies, and a commitment to equity and inclusion align with the evolving needs of Takeda’s diverse workforce. 

"The improvements have been supported by much better IT and digital systems, a remarkable change compared to the Takeda I joined in 2013," Gundula observes. 

As Gundula highlights, joining Takeda isn't just a career move; it's an invitation to make history and change futures. Discover the possibilities that await you. Be a part of our story at 

Together, let's shape a future of commitment, growth and transformative impact. 

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