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Product Owner, DD&T HR Systems/コーポレートIT部門 ビジネスアプリ担当者(HR・人事 領域)

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At Takeda, we are guided by our purpose of creating better health for people and a brighter future for the world. Every corporate function plays a role in making sure we — as a Takeda team — can discover and deliver life-transforming treatments, guided by our commitment to patients, our people and the planet.

People join Takeda because they share in our purpose. And they stay because we’re committed to an inclusive, safe and empowering work environment that offers exceptional experiences and opportunities for everyone to pursue their own ambitions.

Job ID R0106160 Date posted 09/11/2023 Location Multiple Locations

By clicking the “Apply” button, I understand that my employment application process with Takeda will commence and that the information I provide in my application will be processed in line with Takeda’sPrivacy Noticeand Terms of Use. I further attest that all information I submit in my employment application is true to the best of my knowledge.

Job Description

Please note that this job requires business level Japanese language command not only in speaking, but also in business writing and reading.

【About Takeda】






私たちはこれを道しるべとしながら、1. 患者さんに寄り添い(Patient2. 人々と信頼関係を築き(Trust 3. 社会的評価を向上させ(Reputation4. 事業を発展させる(Business)ことを日々の行動指針としています。


  • 人事のビジネス要件や戦略的なニーズを理解し、人事業務プロセスの効率化、人事データ活用のためのシステムを構築する。

  • 外的、内的要因により変化する人事のビジネスニーズに即時対応できるシステムを構築する。

  • グローバルプラットフォームを最大限に活用しながら人事のビジネス要件に対応する。

  • 最新のデジタル技術を積極的に活用して人事業務プロセスの効率化を図る。

  • システム開発のために必要な一連のタスク(計画立案、リソースの確保、要件定義、設計開発、テスト、導入)を実行し、目的を達成する

  • Build HR systems to improve HR business processes efficiency and utilize HR data with understanding HR business requirements and strategic needs.
  • Build systems that can respond quickly to changing business needs due to external and internal factors.
  • Respond to HR business requirements while maximizing the use of a global platform.
  • Proactively Leverage the latest digital technology to improve the HR business processes efficiency.
  • Execute and manage the whole tasks (planning, securing resources, defining requirements, design development, test, and implementation) necessary for system development to achieve objectives.


  • 人事業務要件を理解し、システム要件を定義する。
  • 要件を実装するために必要なリソースを確保する。
  • アプリケーション保守・開発メンバーに要件を説明し、設計・開発・テストを管理する。
  • 設計・開発フェーズ後のシステムテストを計画・実施する。
  • システムテスト後のユーザー受入テストの計画・推進をする。
  • データやデジタル技術を積極的に活用し、人事業務プロセスの効率化と省力化を図る。
  • 最新のデジタル技術を活用し、人事業務の効率化を図る。
  • 社内外のSMEや保守・運用ベンダーと連携し、問題解決をリードする。
  • Understand HR business requirements and define requirements.
  • Ensure necessary resources are available to implement requirements.
  • Brief application maintenance and development members on requirements and manage design/development/test.
  • Plan and execute system test after design and development phase.
  • Plan and drive user acceptance test  after system test.
  • Proactively leverage data and digital technology to improve efficiency and labor savings in HR business processes.
  • Leverage the latest digital technology to improve efficiency of HR operations.
  • Collaborate with internal and external SMEs and maintenance and operations vendors to lead problem resolution.



  • 学士号または同等の学位

  • 3年以上の人事システムの開発、運用の経験

  • 英語での文書作成および会話能力。具体的には、グローバルのステークホルダーと英語を使用して業務を遂行した経験、および補助者なしでの会議や電子メールでのコミュニケーション能力

  • 事アプリケーション開発(要件定義、設計、開発、テスト、運用)の経験

  • 人事データを出力するインターフェース開発の経験

  • プロジェクトの企画・提案、プロジェクト進行管理、ベンダーマネジメントの経験

  • 人事システムの開発や業務アプリケーション開発のプロジェクトマネージャーの経験
  • プロジェクトの予算、コスト管理の経験
  • ソリューションのデリバリーを成功させるために機能横断的にリードし、様々な専門者と協働した経験

  • 口頭および書面による優れたコミュニケーション能力、問題解決能力および分析能力を備えたビジネス洞察力
  • ビジネス・リレーションシップ・マネジメント・スキル;専門分野について現地の経営陣やステークホルダーとつながり、関与する能力
  • 世界各国のバーチャルチームと協働し、異なる経験、専門性、文化、コミュニケーションスタイルを調整し、適応させる能力
  • ITインフラ(ネットワーク、サーバー、セキュリティ等)の基礎知識
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

  • 3 years or more of experience in developing and IT operating HR systems
  • Ability to write and speak in the English language. Specifically, experience working with global stakeholders using English to conduct business, and the ability to communicate in meetings and emails without assistance
  • Experience in HR application development (requirements definition, design, development, testing and operation)
  • Experience in developing interfaces to output HR data from HR systems
  • Experience planning and proposing projects and managing vendor development
  • Experience as a project manager for HR system development projects and development of business applications
  • Financial Management for IT Services skills
  • Team player with some experience leading and collaborating cross- functionally to ensure successful delivery of solutions
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, business acumen with problem solving and analytical skills
  • Business relationship management skills; ability to connect and engage with local management and stakeholders on areas of expertise
  • Work with virtual teams located in different countries around the world, aligning and adapting different work, culture and communication styles
  • Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure (networks, servers, security, etc.)


  • 修士号

  • 人事アプリケーションの運用管理の経験(例:Workday、リシテア)

  • コーポレート機能(財務など)の基礎知識

  • 製薬業界をよく理解し、製薬業界のシステム開発、運用経験がある方

  • AIRPA等の最新デジタル技術の経験

  • DataBricksBIを使ったデータ分析経験

  • InformaticaなどのETLツールを使ったInterfaceプログラムの構築・運用経験

  • Tidalなどのジョブ管理システムを使ったシステム構築・運用の経験

  • プロセスマイニングなどの手法を用いたビジネスプロセス分析の経験

  • Powerプラットフォームに関する深い知識と、ビジネスプロセスを改善するためにテクノロジーを使用した経験
  • Master’s degree

  • Experience with HR application management ex.Workday, LYSITHEA
  • Experience with Takeda operations

  • Fundamental knowledge of corporate functions (i.e., Finance)
  • Have a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and experience with validated systems
  • Experience with AI/RPA and other digital technologies
  • Experience with data analytics by using DataBricks , BI
  • Experience with ETL Tool ex. Informatica
  • Experience with Job monitor application ex. Tidal
  • Experience in business process analysis using methods such as process mining
  • Deep knowledge of the Power platform and experience using the technology to improve business processes


  • グローバル組織で働く経験を積めること

  • 世界トップクラスの製薬企業において、テクノロジー変革の最前線に立つことができること

  • 様々なデータ&デジタルスキルを持つ同僚と協働しながら、自身も様々な技術に触れる機会が得られること

  • Gain experience working in a global organization

  • Be at the forefront of technology transformation in a top global pharmaceutical company

  • Opportunity to collaborate with colleagues with a variety of data & digital skills, and to be exposed to a variety of implemented technologies themselves


  • 好奇心旺盛で、新しいテクノロジーに興味を持ち、自らのアイデアで主体的に行動できる方

  • 同僚やステークホルダー、ビジネスメンバーと協働できることに興味があり、積極的にコミュニケーションできる方

  • 多様な専門知識やバックグラウンドを持つタケダの同僚と協働できる方

  • タケダの理念に共感し、患者さんのために貢献できる方

  • A person who is curious and interested in new things and technologies, as well as proactive and able to take initiative based on his/her own ideas

  • Able to work with cross-functional teams from diverse backgrounds with interest and sensitivity to collaborate with others

  • A person who can empathize with Takeda's philosophy and objectives and who can contribute to the benefit of patients


  • 国内、海外出張ができること

  • Access to transportation to attend meetings

  • Ability to occasionally travel to meetings in the Area

Takeda Compensation and Benefits Summary:

  • Allowances: Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work etc.

  • Salary Increase: Annually, Bonus Payment: Twice a year

  • Working Hours: Headquarters (Osaka/ Tokyo) 9:00-17:30, Production Sites (Osaka/ Yamaguchi) 8:00-16:45, (Narita) 8:30-17:15, Research Site (Kanagawa) 9:00-17:45

  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, May Day, Year-End Holidays etc. (approx. 123 days in a year)

  • Paid Leaves: Annual Paid Leave, Special Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Family Support Leave, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Family Nursing Leave.

  • Flexible Work Styles: Flextime, Telework

  • Benefits: Social Insurance, Retirement and Corporate Pension, Employee Stock Ownership Program, etc.

Important Notice concerning working conditions:

  • It is possible the job scope may change at the company’s discretion.

  • It is possible the department and workplace may change at the company’s discretion.


Osaka, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

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Time Type

Full time
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Success profile

What makes a successful team member within Corporate at Takeda?

  • Collaborative
  • Strategic
  • Insightful
  • Results driven
  • Goal-oriented
  • Achiever
The environment is dynamic and evolving, so you have to be adaptable.

Maciej Niedospial - Business Reporting Manager

I’m fortunate enough to work with a highly skilled, diverse and dedicated bunch of people, and for that, I’m grateful! My colleagues continue to amaze me.

Sheelagh Gartlan - Recruitment Business Partner

Takeda is a company that emphasizes diversity and inclusion. By bringing people together who have diverse backgrounds, competencies, and personalities, innovation and ideas grow.

Michelle Chen - Human Resources Manager

  • Impact across generations Partnership brings together world-leading plasma companies to focus on developing and delivering a hyperimmune immunoglobulin in the global fight against COVID-19.
  • Takeda Scoops Global Top Employers® Award Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today announced it has become part of a select group of only 15 to receive Top Global Employer® status for 2024.

Working at Takeda

  • Inclusion

    Here, you will feel welcomed, respected, and valued as a vital contributor to our global team.
  • Collaboration

    A strong, borderless team, we strive together towards our priorities and inspiring mission.
  • Innovation

    Bold initiatives, continuous improvement, and creativity are at the heart of how we bring scientific breakthroughs from the lab to patients.
  • Top Workplace

    Recognized for our culture and way of working, we’re one of only 17 companies to receive Top Global Employer® status for 2024.
  • Work-Life

    Our people-first mission extends beyond patients to include their families, communities, and our own Takeda family.
  • Empowerment

    Through trust and respect, you will have genuine support from leaders, managers, and colleagues to do your best work.

We're Steadfast In Our Commitment to Four Key Imperatives


Responsibly translate science into highly innovative medicines and accelerate access to improve lives worldwide.


Create an exceptional people experience.


Protect our planet.

Data & Digital

Transform Takeda into the most trusted, data-driven, outcomes-based biopharmaceutical company.

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